29 de novembre 2005

[LaTeX] una taula en horitzontal

Rotating Tables and Figures

You want to include the amazing results that you achieve with the program you wrote. No problem, just put them in a table. Unfortunately with all the conditions and outputs that you need to include you find that the table is to wide for the page. You need to find a way to show it in landscape format whilst leaving the rest of your document alone. Enter the rotating package. As before put

in the head of your document. This allows you to rotate text, tables and figures in every manner that your liable to want. To create the table use the sidewaystable instead of table. For example (lifted from the file rotating.tex in the package documentation).
Context &Length &Breadth/ &Depth &Profile &Pottery &Flint &Animal &Stone &Other &C14 Dates \ & &Diameter & & & & &
&&&&&&&&&&\\multicolumn{10}{|l}{\bf Grooved Ware}&\784 &--- &0.90m &0.18m &Sloping U &P1 &$\times$46 & $\times$8 &&$\times$2 bone& 2150$\pm$ 100 BC\785 &--- &1.00m &0.12 &Sloping U &P2--4 &$\times$23 & $\times$21 & Hammerstone &---&---\962 &--- &1.37m &0.20m &Sloping U &P5--6 &$\times$48 & $\times$57* & ---& ---&1990 $\pm$ 80 BC (Layer 4) 1870 $\pm$90 BC (Layer 1)\983 &0.83m &0.73m &0.25m &Stepped U &--- &$\times$18 & $\times$8 & ---& Fired clay&---\&&&&&&&&&&\\multicolumn{10}{|l}{\bf Beaker}&\552 &--- &0.68m &0.12m &Saucer &P7--14 &--- & --- & --- &--- &---\790 &--- &0.60m &0.25m &U &P15 &$\times$12 & --- & Quartzite-lump&--- &---\794 &2.89m &0.75m &0.25m &Irreg. &P16 $\times$3 & --- & --- &--- &---\\hline

\caption[Grooved Ware and Beaker Features, their Finds and Radiocarbon
Dates]{Grooved Ware and Beaker Features, their Finds and Radiocarbon
Dates; For a breakdown of the Pottery Assemblages see Tables I and
III; for the Flints see Tables II and IV; for the Animal Bones see
Table V.}\label{rotfloat2} \end{sidewaystable}